In order to support his missionary and social contribution work, Mr. William Merrell Vories established “Vories & Co.” with his Japanese partners in 1910. From architectural design and western construction materials trading, Vories gradually developed social businesses in different filed such as hospital, education, and a pharmaceutical company. Whiles sharing his missionary and social contribution work though Christian mission magazine, the founder of a famous America pharmaceutical company admired the activities of Vories and give him the right to distribute their skin ointment as the support of social contribution activities. Therefore, “Omi Sales Company” was established to import and sell skin remedies (currently OMI Menturm Ointment) in December 1920.

OMI Brotherhood's Founder - Mr William Vories

After several reorganizations, the company was renamed to the current name, the OMI Brotherhood Ltd., which is from the meaning that a group of people share the same vision and working together in Omihachiman City. The iconic product, OMI Menturm Stick with Menthol was launched in November 1964 and remains a favorite amongst the Japanese until this day.

Factory at OMI Brotherhood Headquarters

The OMI Brotherhood began expanding its sales and manufacturing presence in Japan with the Tokyo sales office being opened in April 1955. Branch offices would also be opened in Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Kyushu, etc. in the following years.

Following this local expansion, The OMI Brotherhood Ltd. turned towards increasing its international presence. OMI Menturm and its associated products are now available throughout the world including: China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Inner Mongolia, and Mexico. OMI Menturm began its presence in the Philippines in 2017.

Retail Store and Showroom at OMI Headquarters